Wheelchair Tandem Biking

October 15, 2012 in Accessible Days Out, Adaptive Cycling, France, UK

Guest Article For Tourism For All UK

Marina from www.wheelchairaccesstravel.com shares her experiences of wheelchair tandem biking.

Wheelchair Bikes for Hire

I am really excited about wheelchair bikes right now, since having so much fun being peddled around the countryside.  If you’ve never had a go, I highly recommend it.  So much so, that I compiled a list of bicycle hire shops in the UK where you can rent a Wheelchair Tandem near a car free cycle path.

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Types of Wheelchair Bikes

There are different types of adapted cycles for people with different disabilities.  My physical condition means that I’m unable to exert myself at all, so even a hand bike is out of the question.  With the wheelchair tandem, once I’m on the bike I just sit back and enjoy the ride.  My carer Karl is already developing thighs of steel.

On the net I found  various wheelchair bikes  including the “Duet” Wheelchair Tandem (which is known as “Rollfiets” in Europe), the Draisin Plus, the O Pair and the Van Raam.   I have only tried out the Duet so far, but after  2 wonderful  wheelchair tandem rides in Devon this summer, I was hooked.  Wanting more, I scoured the web for a wheelchair bike to hire near my home in Sussex, but to no avail……………….continue reading at Tourism For All UK

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