Brighton Wheelchair Bike

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Wheelchair Bike Available To The Disabled Community In Sussex

Brighton Wheelchair Bike hire is £25 per day (including bike drop off & pick up at Brighton & Hove Seafront)

We also offer Wheelchair Bike Rides at your organisation, event or along the seafront cycle path. This is great fun for both adults and children. Wheelchair Bike plus experienced peddler is £20 per hour.

Riding a Duet Wheelchair Tandem bike is very different to riding a normal bicycle. It is not meant for super fast cycling or off road trails.  Because it is essentially a trike and not a bike, it needs a much wider turning circle. Take bends very slowly and carefully and don’t lean into a bend like you would on a normal bike.  Also it is much more difficult to cycle up hill on this type of bike, so staying on fairly flat cycle paths is recommended.  Once you get used to it, it is very pleasant to ride.

Suggested routes are Brighton and Hove Seafront Cycle Path and Shoreham Beach to Worthing


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