Disabled Budget Travel: Wheelchair Access in Lake Annecy, France

June 14, 2012 in Accessible Days Out, France, Wheelchair Walks

Beautiful Annecy.
Will defo be coming back to this place. Quaint, historic, colourful and accessible enough to keep me interested. This brochure Annecy-Town-Walks shows the lakeside walk and accessibility. They don’t mention accessibility for the Old Town Walk but we walked and rolled around most of it with no hassle. We didn’t go up the steep bit to the castle. We did try to follow the canal further on but gave up due to the cobbles. There’s plenty of beauty and colour to soak up in the touristy part of the old town which is mostly wheelchair friendly.
Disabled Travel: Wheelchair Access in Annecy France
Old Town Annecy France, wheelchair access = mostly good
Disabled Travel: Wheelchair Access by the Lake in Annecy France
Annecy Lakeside Walk, wheelchair access = good

Lake Annecy Cycle Path
Now this is the kind of surface I like. Perfectly smooth. Its car free, surrounded by stunning scenery and there’s loads of it, over 40k long! The bits on the sides are for walkers and joggers. Are wheelchair users allowed on it? Who knows, but that didnt stop us. Although we did get pointed out and laughed at by a group of young boys, who cares when you’re rolling in paradise :) I need a Duet Wheelchair Tandem so I can feel like I’m cycling.

Lake Annecy France Cycle Path Wheelchair Walk
Lake Annecy Cycle Path Wheelchair Walk
Lake Annecy France Cycle Path Wheelchair Access
Lake Annecy, France. Cycle Path Wheelchair Walk

There are 3 wheelchair friendly beaches on Lake Annecy- Sevrier, St Jorioz and Veyrier.
I stayed at St Jorioz. The beach is great for wheelchair users. Choose between grass or sand, sun or shade. There are lots of big trees to lie under whilst watching the paragliders in the distance floating off the mountain, enjoying the view of the lake and the beach atmosphere. You feel like you’re in a park and a beach at the same time and they have already thought about disabled access.

Wheelchair Access On The Beach, St Jorioz, Lake Annecy
Wheelchair Access On The Beach, St Jorioz, Lake Annecy

There’s an accessible path to the different areas of the beach and the sand is that hard sand so the wheelchair doesn’t sink. There’s even a handrail for going into lake. There’s a wheelchair accessible toilet and a snackbar.

Wheelchair Access On The Beach, St Jorioz, Lake Annecy, France
Wheelchair Access On The Beach, St Jorioz, Lake Annecy
Sun & Shade – A park & beach all in one

The disabled parking bays are near the entrance and have a sign welcoming wheelchair users which is nice. It really makes a massive difference going to beach where they’ve already planned for accessibility.  Wheelchair access in the Alps is much easier than I thought it would be.

Disabled Travel: parking and wheelchair access St Jorioz Beach Lake Annecy, France
Disabled parking and wheelchair access at St Jorioz Beach
Lake Annecy, France

Nature Walk – Reserve Naturelle du Bout du Lac
This place is not signposted well, but easy to get to when you know where it is. It’s on Route de la Vieille Eglise near Doussard. Apparently beavers live here but we didn’t see any. A beautiful walk (about 3.5k) on really good accessible paths and boardwalks.

Disabled Travel: Bout du Lac Nature Reserve, Lake Annecy, France
Bout du Lac Nature Reserve. Wheelchair access = great

Bout du Lac Nature Reserve, Lake Annecy, France.
Wheelchair access = great, disabled parking = good

www.campinglesolitaire.com This isnt where I stayed but we did pass by for a look. It looks like the best location to stay for St Jorioz beach and the cycle path. It’s away from the main road (so peaceful) and very near the lake and not far from the shops. It does have accessible facilities. Will try it out next time.

Attractions With Wheelchair Access
The forest of the senses trail at www.base-nature-aventure.com looks good, it says the trail is designed for wheelchairs.

General Tourist Info http://en.lac-annecy.com/

I hope you found this wheelchair travel information helpful. Please feel welcome to comment or add your own accessible travel tips. Thanks for reading and have a great trip :-)