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  1. Sarah Coe says:


    I just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. My friend is in a wheelchair and we have a lot of trouble finding accessible places to go, travel to etc. as 23 years we are all eager to go! And I think your blog is nice, and avoids the sterile medical perspective!

  2. MarinaB says:

    Thank you so much for the feedback :) It motivates me to continue when I hear it’s helping or inspiring accessible adventures for others.

  3. Harri Wade says:

    Hi Marina, great blog, really easy to use. Have you ever tried the undercliff walk from brighton marina to rottingdean – very accessible! Especially if you join it at Saltdean. Also the 7 sisters path is goood.
    My favourite walk is in Winchester, I think it’s called the millennium walk. It takes you through gorgeous wetlands ….very acccessible.
    I use a powertrike. Having it has been life changing!
    Let me know if you want more info about the walks I’ve mentioned.

    • MarinaB says:

      Hi Harri, Thank you very much :) Yes I know the undercliff walk and the seven sisters path too. Never been to Winchester though, but would go if it has a great wheelchair walk. Would love more info on that one, if you have any tips? Do you think it would it be suitable for the wheelchair bike?

  4. Cami Lee says:

    I’m a volunteer and a guide for Accessible Travel Netherlands. Our goal is to provide information about accessible travel in Amsterdam and surrounding cities. Many people are unaware of how accessible the Netherlands is. We can plan trips for people, arrange hotels, rent adaptable bikes, arrange for accessible taxis, and do all the detail work so people can have a fun vacation and not have to worry about what is accessible and what is not. If you are ever in the Amsterdam area, we would love to work with you and show you how accessible the city is. Our main website is We are also holding a conference in March on accessible travel. You can check it out at this website:

  5. Kris Felton says:

    Very helpful blog, particularly about Holland, where we’re off to next week.

    Useful to know there are some more calm places in France, too, though our problem is always getting care to help me get my husband out of bed and dressed in the mornings. We have just booked the Hotel de Rijpereilenden, who can organise care, as well as supplying hoists, electric beds, etc. Shall come back with a report when we return.

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