Il De Re – Wheelchair Travel on a French Atlantic Coast Island

June 4, 2015 in Adaptive Cycling, France, Wheelchair Walks

Ile De Re is all about beautiful sun bleached villages with green and grey shutters, donkeys in pyjamas (yes really) and flat, flat, flat, smooth surfaced car free cycle paths, lots of them criss crossing the island going from one flowery village to another with beautiful, salty, marshy, wilderness in between and fresh Oyster bars along the way.

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La Couarde Sur La Mer

Camping La Tour des Prises

This campsite is in the perfect location for access to some of the most beautiful car free cycle paths/wheelchair walks and I would definately return. It is in delightful countryside that is wheelchair accessible and located a short distance from several charming villages.  La Couarde Sur La Mer (1.5k) is an easy cycle ride or wheelchair walk away and also nearby Loix. The campsite is flat, there is wheelchair access to the reception area. The wheelchair accessible shower and toilet is spacious and clean. Lots of trees so enough shade on the pitches. There is a heated indoor pool with a ramp for access, (although there is a step down and up through the little ankle deep pool where you are supposed to shower) there is also a small ledge to step over to enter the covered pool area. Wifi is available throughout the site. The staff were friendly and helpful too.

La Couarde Sur La Mer Village and Accessible Beach

A beautiful village with cafes, food shops, cycle hire etc and even a Carrefour supermarket and a theatre/cinema. The beaches are lovely and I found that Peu Ragot beach has a concrete ramp onto the beach. At low tide we found the sand to be firm enough to take the wheelchair bike for a roll on the beach, I think it would have been fine with the wheelchair too, at least to get onto the beach and get near the Sea.

Il de re, la couarde, peu ragot, wheelchair access, handicapil de re, la couarde, peu ragot, beach, wheelchair access, handicap, ramp

wheelchair bike, rollfiets, duet, beach, accesswheelchair bike, rollfiets, duet wheelchair tandem, il de re, beach

There is a wheelchair accessible toilet at the beach entrance with a green roof!

il de re, la couarde, peu ragot, wheelchair, accessible toilet, handicap,peu ragot, wheelchair accessible


Handisport were having a 2 day cycling event with 80 people of different abilities participating in a race around the Island. There were blind people riding tandems, different handbikes, trikes, wheelchair bikes etc. Ile De Re is the perfect place for it!

Wheelchair, travel, handbike, il de re, handisport, la couarde, francehandisport, il de re, la couarde, wheelchair, travel, france



The cycle path from our campsite to Loix was such a beautiful ride!

Loix, wheelchair, handicap, cycle path, il de re, france, holidayLoix, il de re, wheelchair, handicap, travel, france


loix, il de re, cycle path, wheelchair, travel, car free

loix, il de re, cycle path, car free, wheelchair, travel, handicap, holidayOyster beds, quaint village port, wildflowers, wildfowl and beautiful marshy sea views followed by fruity french tarts (Place des Delices) in another flowery village.

Il de re, wheelchair, travel, handicap, holidays, flowers, loixIl De Re, Wheelchair, travel, handicap, french tart, Loix

Saint Martin De Re

Wheelchair biking from our campsite to Saint Martin on the beautiful piste cyclable along the coast of Il De Re. We passed oyster bars with amazing views of the sea. Saint Martin is the capital of the Island and is set around a marina. It’s much busier than the other villages with many places to eat out. There are cobbles, don’t worry they are not the worst kind (its totally doable), I found the other villages smoother for getting around though.

il de re, cycle path, car free, wheelchair, travel, saint martin, franceil de re, oyster bar, cycle path, car free, wheelchair, travel, franceil de re, wheelchair, travel, saint martin, cobbles

il de re, wheelchair, travel, cobbles, saint martin


Arriving just before the Saint Martin market closed, we bought some food and took a picnic to the park to hang out near the donkeys in pyjamas. A local artist who we met in La Couarde told us about the donkeys carrying heavy loads of oysters and salt through the marshes in the past. He said the special culottes were made to stop the mosquitoes biting their legs.

donkey, il de re, saint martin, wheelchair, travel, francedonkeys, saint martin, culottes, pyjamas, il de re, wheelchair, travel, france

More Il De Re Wheelchair Travel Info…

Wheelchair Bike Hire

I took my own bike but you can rent a wheelchair bike (velo pousseur) from La Maison des Velocipedes, 14 Quai de Bernonvile, Saint Martin De Re.  Rental is 35 Euros per day. You should book in advance as they only have one. Tel. +33 5 16 19 14 94.

This map is free at tourist information and cycle shops or available to download.


Wheelchair Bike Rides

The more peaceful & idyllic routes (totally away from main roads) are between Saint Martin and La Couarde on the coast, then onto Loix, Ars En Re and Phare Des Baleines. The forest path between Phare Des Baleines and Les Portes En Re is beautiful, the main road is nearby on some on some of it so you get some traffic noise. On the way back you can ride peacefully through the oyster beds. The paths on the right side of the island are still car free but many are nearby the main roads.

Wheelchair Walks

People are walking on the cycle paths too, with over 100k of smooth surfaced flat paths its perfect for a roll and stroll.

La Flotte

We also visited La Flotte which is a very pretty village with many places to eat overlooking the harbour or the sea. We had crepes and then enjoyed a wheelchair walk along coast.

Il De Re Accessible Beaches

La Flotte tourist information advised me that you can hire a beach wheelchair from La Flotte town hall for use on the beach.

We didn’t visit Le Bois Plage en Re but looks like  Plage Des Gollandieres has great access with ramp, walkway and wheelchair bathing chairs (tiralos)

Rivedoux Plage is very well set up for wheelchair users with ramp access, beach and bathing wheelchairs, for more info see—rivedoux-plage




Paris Wheelchair Travel

February 18, 2014 in France, Wheelchair Walks

Eurostar Wheelchair Access

To get in the mood we had a croque mademoiselle (french style vegetarian toasted sandwich) in the departure area at London St Pancras International. The Eurostar info desk has free Paris tourist maps and they also sell a carnet of 10 metro/bus tickets for Paris. Boarding onto the train was smooth, they have very large ramps and platform assistance. The bonus with the wheelchair user and companion tickets is that you get to travel in standard premier class. The tickets include a light breakfast or meal. There is a detachable table at wheelchair height for dining.

wheelchair travel, eurostar, paris, wheelchair access, accessible travelwheelchair travel, eurostar, paris, wheelchair access, accessible travelwheelchair travel, eurostar, paris, ramp, wheelchair access, accessible travelwheelchair travel, eurostar, paris, wheelchair access, accessible travel












Upon arrival at Gare du Nord Station in Paris there was a large ramp and platform assistance. Once off the platform and in the main station we did a lot of running around trying to find the disabled toilet. There were no signs for it and no-one seemed to know where it was.  However the mystery is now solved thanks to Sarah from Eurostar.

- From Eurostar arrivals you turn left towards the Metro/RER side of the station.
- Cross over the wooden bridge
- Continue straight ahead to toilets with disabled access (in French Toilettes PMR – Personne de mobilité réduite).


Please see the map below:

Disabled toilets in Gare du Nord Station Paris

On the way back you have to go through security at Hall Londres. It’s upstairs in Gare du Nord Station and there are 2 lifts at the west side of the station.  In Gare du Nord there is step access to the bus station. Wheelchair users need to go out of the station to the left and walk around the block to reach the bus station.

Wheelchair Accessible Hotel In Paris

We stayed at the lovely Hotel Relais Bosquet, 19 Rue Champ de Mars. Our accessible room was on the ground floor, it has step free access (there was a step but they had it removed in 2009) and wide doors. The room is stylish, modern and a lovely place to relax after a busy day in the city. I slept really well in the fabulously comfy queen size bed.  Paris rooms can tend to be small but there was ample space to move around in the wheelchair and the bathroom was very generous. There is an accessible sink, roll in shower, shower stool, a grab bar by the toilet and a heated towel rail. Other feature in the room are TV, trouser press, tea and coffee making facilities, desk, wardrobe, ironing board & iron, hairdryer, electronic safe, fridge, mini bar and FREE WIFI! Oh and a radio which we had permanently tuned to FIP, my favourite french radio station.

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, accessible hotel,wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, accessible hotel,wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, accessible hotel,wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, accessible hotel,












The breakfast buffet has fantastic fresh bread and pastries from the famous bakery of Mr Menardin, there is also an array of juice, jam, cakes, pancakes, cheeses, cold meats, sausage and eggs etc. Teas and coffee are served in charming crockery.

There are some wonderful photos and Paris suggestions on their Facebook page which I wish I had discovered before the trip. You can also access a Facebook fan preferential rate if you like their page.

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, accessible hotel,wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, accessible hotel,

Paris Food

Rue Cler

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, rue cler, epicerie, epicerie finewheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, rue cler






The Hotel Relais Bosquet is just off Rue Cler, a pedestrianised street that buzzes with french cafe bars and french foodie shops.  Pattiseries, ice cream shop, fromagerie, fresh produce grocers etc. We had melt in the mouth quiches from the patisserie  and beautiful goats cheese from the fromagerie. Rue Cler is a cobbled street, however they are not the severe kind. Let’s call them mild cobbles. The pavements and the wide gutters are smooth, so you only have to go on the cobbles here and there.

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, rue cler, fromagerie

Cafe Constant

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, rue cler, cafe constantThis place has a good reputation and was not far from the Hotel. It has 1 step to enter, is quite small, has no disabled toilet and sometimes you have to queue, but it’s worth it. The staff are charming and helpful and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. The food is very satisfying simple french comfort food. They are especially famous for their desserts, we had a delicious meringue floating in a sauce with almonds.



For a special treat we had tea and tiny cakes at Carette. They serve beautiful artisan cakes and macarrons. It’s a bit pricey at 20 euros for a coffee, an orange blossom infusion and 5 petit fours, although it is served in a lovely tea set and the cakes are adorable. Atmosphere is nice, excellent service, accessible step free entrance and a disabled toilet. We were trying to see the view from the top of Trocadero Gardens which is not accessible from the Eiffel Tower side. A friendly gardener took us up around the side of Palais de Chaillot to reach the fab view. Then it poured down, Carette was a great place to escape the heavy rain!

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, carette, tea, pattiseriewheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, carette, tea, pattiserie

Paris Accessible Attractions On A Rainy Day

The Louvre

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, louvrewheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, louvrewheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, louvrewheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, louvre












Enter via the Pyramid. No need to queue, as a wheelchair user you are given priority at the entrance. There is an attendant operated lift that takes you down to the reception hall. When you are in the lift between ground floor and the main hall don’t forget to look up and see the spiral.

Wheelchair users and their companion can enter the Louvre free of charge. Pick up a free plan specifically for those on wheels. This shows which lifts to use and where the secret doors are.

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, louvrewheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, louvre







It’s so massive, it can get quite confusing locating the correct lifts etc, but the good thing is that there are plenty of staff throughout the museum who can assist with directions.

As a wheelchair user I was allowed to go behind the barrier of the Mona Lisa (prime position) in front of the massive crowd of tourists.

Opera Garnier

Belle epoque extravagant architecture. The Opera Garnier is where you can see the ballet or visit this building just to see the grand interior.  Visits are free for wheelchair users and their companion. Initially we did have a problem finding someone who knew where the secret wheelchair lift was. After being passed around 3 different desks, finally assistance showed up with the key to the mystery lift.  The toilets are in the cloakrooms inside the Opera house, there is no separate unisex disabled toilet, you find it inside both the women’s and men’s toilet. My PA was slightly embarrassed having to take me inside the women’s toilets ;)

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, opera, garnierwheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, opera, garnier

Galeries Lafayette

After hiding from the rain in Opera Garnier we rolled across the road to Galeries Lafayette, a huge department store. It’s accessible and has lifts to all floors. I was heading for the Gourmet Food Hall to check out the tasting bars. But we didn’t find it as we were in the wrong building. I didn’t realise that Galeries Lafayette was spread over 3 buildings! So for next time…Lafayette Gourmet is in the Lafayette Homme building on the 1st floor.

The Seine

Berges De Seine – Paris Wheelchair Walk

This is an awesome, smooth surfaced, car free, wheelchair walk along the River Seine. There are ramps dotted along this walk. We started at Quay Branly near the Eiffel Tower and rolled and strolled all the way to Pont Royal just across from the Louvre. Berges De Seine used to be a road but they closed it to cars and created a more inviting riverside environment for pedestrians and cyclists. There are floating gardens, bike hire, a giant blackboard with chalks provided, lots of activities are available like ping pong, chess and all kinds of workshops, further on we danced in a disco installation underneath one of the bridges, they call it the sound shower, under Pont de la Concorde. There are also disabled toilets nearby built into the side of the wall under the street level, it has a long ramp for access.

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, berges de seine, wheelchair walk, car free pathwheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, berges de seine, wheelchair walk, car free path







Paris Wheelchair Accessible Boat Rides

We took a Bateaux Parisian 1 hour cruise as they are nearer to the Eiffel Tower. Wheelchair users have priority boarding, so no queuing. Leaving at twilight, we cruised down the Seine as Paris began to light up in the dark. Fantastic way to see Paris by night, very pretty and relaxing evening activity. A bit further up and across the river is Bateaux Mouche, another large boat company who are also wheelchair accessible. and

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, seine, boat ride, eiffel tower, nightwheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, seine, boat ride, eiffel tower, night

What A View Of Paris

Montparnasse Tower

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, montparnasse, eiffel tower, view of paris

Fantastic views of Paris from this skyscraper. The visitor centre on the 56th floor is very spacious and accessible, with stunning views. There is a cafe, disabled toilets inside the male and female toilets and lots of interactive screens that point out the buildings and monuments below. Wheelchair users pay 7 euros and companions full price. This makes sense as there is also a roof terrace but it’s only accessible by stairs.

Eiffel Tower

Our Hotel was only a 10 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower so we saw it everyday. A great sight, it has a kind of cheerful shape, almost clownish. We didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower, I’m saving that for next time. It is wheelchair accessible up to the 2nd level at 400 feet which apparently has the best views because you are closer to the sights.

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, eiffel tower, view of pariswheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, eiffel tower, view of pariswheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, eiffel tower, view of pariswheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, eiffel tower, view of paris












How Is Paris For A Wheelchair User?

Paris Wheelchair Travel On The Streets

Let’s be honest the drop kerbs in Paris are not the seamless smooth sailing kind. The pavements slope down sometimes steeply and usually have a lip on them, then the road slopes up to the centre and back down again, back over the lip and up the pavement slope. There are also cobbles in certain areas (I avoided those places) and patchy pavements. It’s all totally doable but if you are self propelling or are the companion pushing a wheelchair then you need to be fit. A bit bumpy but worth it.

wheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, drop kerb, kerbwheelchair travel, paris, wheelchair access, drop kerb, kerb







Paris Wheelchair Travel On The Bus

Paris has an excellent bus system. The buses routes are all wheelchair accessible according to infomobi. We used them to get around Paris and they were great!

We did have to wait a bit longer at one stop since the first bus had a broken ramp. Then the next bus went off duty and told everyone to get off half way up Boulevard de Sebastapol. That’s when we learned that it’s probably a good idea to leave extra time when heading back to Gare du Nord for your departing Eurostar. We did make it after racing through the streets, my PA now skilled at Paris drop curbs, but only because our Eurostar was delayed!

For more info about all of the Paris transport network go to

Accessible Travel London – Hotel, Hyde Park and River Thames

January 3, 2014 in Accessible Days Out, UK, Wheelchair Walks

Accessible Travel London

A wheelchair travel trip to London that was very chilled. Hanging out in Hyde Park and by the River Thames. This is a mini break we had in London in August, 5 months later here is the post!

Wheelchair Accessible Room at Copthorne Tara Hotel, London

Accessible Travel London, accessible hotel, kensingtondisabled travel, london, kensington, accessible hotelaccessible hotel, kensington, london, disabled travel








Thank you so much to Tourism For All for awarding me this prize (complimentary voucher for 1 night at this hotel) in their photo competition.

This accessible hotel is in a really great location just off High St Kensington. It’s only a 5-10 minute walk to Kensington Gardens, is near to bus routes and not far from Whole foods market, a massive health food supermarket with good access, lifts to all floors and disabled toilets. A great place to buy healthy gourmet snacks for the day out in London.

The Copthorne Tara Hotel has lifts to all floors and restaurants to suit different budgets. We had a double room with a spacious bathroom and accessible shower and sink. Loved the automatic push button doors on the entrance to the mezzanine floor and into the room itself. For more info on the accessible room facilities go to Copthorne Tara Website.

The Park – Wheelchair Access In Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

Liberty Drives is a fantastic initiative which provides mobility, completely free of charge for anyone who finds it difficult to visit The Royal Parks due to advanced age, disability or poor health. The drivers are fully trained unpaid volunteers.

wheelchair access hyde park, disabled access, wheelchair vehicle, london   Liberty drives, hyde park, accessible travel london, disabled access, wheelchair access












We took a free tour of Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens with Liberty Drives. What a brilliant service.  We gave them a call and within half an hour they came and picked us up from where we were having lunch at the Dell cafe by the Serpentine Lake. The vehicles are electric and have a wheelchair ramp. We did have some rain showers but stayed dry under the electric buggy’s roof. Fantastic way to see the parks which are HUGE. We had a very knowledgeable driver who stopped at various monuments and gardens to give us the history of the parks. They will also drop you off at your favorite or most convenient spot at the end of the tour.

Liberty Drives welcome bookings from groups and individuals and are available 10:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, 1 May to 31 October. Please call in advance on 07767 498096

kensington gardens, wheelchair access, disabled access, londonkensington gardens, disabled access, wheelchair access, londondisabled toilets, hyde park, london, wheelchair access, disabled travelwheelchair travel, london, disabled toilets


The River – Southbank Accessible Wheelchair Walk

The Southbank is a long car free promenade along the river Thames.  After a comfortable night at the hotel, we stocked up on snacks at Whole Foods Market and had another stroll and roll in Kensington Gardens as the sun came out. We stopped by the Serpentine Gallery to use their nice disabled toilets and check out the absolutely bonkers art. Then hopped on a bus to Trafalgar Square. Walked and rolled down to the Hungerford Bridge and got the lift onto the bridge and crossed over to the Southbank.  The Southbank area was made more accessible for the paralympic games and there are lots of galleries, museums, gardens and street performers which add to the festive atmosphere.

wheelchair access, river thames, london, millennium bridge, accessible travel london

Accessible Transport In London

Wheelchair Travel By Train To London

I always arrive at the train station early and head straight to the info desk to arrange the ramp and assistance. It is better to call the station in advance to arrange your assistance. For more details see the National Rail Website.  I have a Disabled Persons Railcard which saves me a third on train fares for me and my carer.

Wheelchair Travel By Bus In London

When travelling on the buses. The wheelchair ramp comes out of the double doors in the middle of the bus. Wheelchair users have priority so that mothers and buggies need to move out of the way for you to position the wheelchair in the allocated space.  The back of the wheelchair needs to be against the chair rest with the brakes on.  Don’t forget to tell the driver your destination so he knows which stop to activate the wheelchair ramp.

Wheelchair Travel By Tube

Wheelchair access to London Underground is limited. According to Transport For London there are currently 66 tube stations with step free access. You can pick up a Step Free Tube Guide at most underground stations, order an accessibilty guide on TFL website or see the online version.

More Accessible London…

More accessible travel London info can be found on the Transport For London Website and in the Time Out Open London: An inspirational guide to accessible London




Sussex Wheelchair Walk – Shoreham to Worthing

July 22, 2013 in Accessible Days Out, Adaptive Cycling, UK, Wheelchair Walks

wheelchair travel, sussex, wheelchair walk, shoreham beach, wheelchair access, shoreham to worthing, car free path, cycle path, beach path Shoreham to Worthing beach path is a very pleasant and level wheelchair walk on surfaced paths.  The part between Shoreham Beach and Lancing green is especially beautiful, being right next to the beach and away from traffic noise. Plenty of parking is available at Shoreham Widewater Lagoon car park which is next to the start of the car free beach path. Entrance to the car park is on West Beach Road, Shoreham-by-Sea. Widewater Lagoon, Shoreham Beach, wheelchair walk, car free path, cycle path, shoreham to worthing, wheelchair travel, sussex From the car park there is a short slope to get up to the beach path, so a strong pusher may be required there but from there onwards its nice and flat.  Rolling along first you have the artificially created Widewater Lagoon on one side and the beach on the other. The path is shared with pedestrians, skaters, dogs and children on scooters so it can get busy at weekends and during the summer months. wheelchair travel, sussex, wheelchair walk, shoreham beach, wheelchair access, shoreham to worthing, car free path, cycle path, beach path


This traffic free route continues for 2 miles until South Lancing.  Here you can continue on a shared use footpath alongside the main road for a short distance.


wheelchair travel, sussex, wheelchair walk, shoreham beach, wheelchair access, shoreham to worthing, car free path, cycle path, beach path   wheelchair travel, sussex, wheelchair walk, shoreham beach, wheelchair access, shoreham to worthing, car free path, cycle path, beach path






The car free path then returns to the beach all the way to Worthing.  As you come into Worthing there are many cafes along the promenade.  Radar key disabled toilets can be found at Widewater Lagoon, Shoreham (West Beach Road), Lancing Sailing Club, Lancing Beach Green and Worthing promenade.


This route is also ideal for a wheelchair bike ride.  It’s nice and flat all the way there and back.


wheelchair travel, sussex, wheelchair walk, shoreham beach, wheelchair access, shoreham to worthing, car free path, cycle path, beach path   wheelchair travel, sussex, wheelchair walk, shoreham beach, wheelchair access, shoreham to worthing, car free path, cycle path, beach pathwheelchair travel, sussex, wheelchair walk, shoreham beach, wheelchair access, shoreham to worthing, car free path, cycle path, beach pathwheelchair bike, wheelchair travel, sussex, wheelchair walk, shoreham beach, wheelchair access, shoreham to worthing, car free path, cycle path, beach path






Accessibility information for Shoreham and Lancing can be found on the following website


For more wheelchair accessible days out in Sussex check out the following links:

Wheelchair Accessible Day Out in Brighton

Wheelchair Access On Brighton Wheel

Wheelchair Mini Break in Chichester

Wheelchair Access on the Cuckoo Trail Accessible Day Out near Chichester


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Noordwijk – Wheelchair Travel Netherlands

June 11, 2013 in Accessible Days Out, Adaptive Cycling, Netherlands, Wheelchair Walks

Wheelchair Travel Noordwijk

My wheelchair travel Noordwijk experience in the wintery springtime.  I chose this location for its accessible beaches and opportunities for wheelchair biking through the dunes on car free cycle paths. It’s also near to Keukenhof and the famous dutch flower fields too.


Accessible Dunes Car Free Path

At both ends of the promenade in Noordwijk you come to the Fietspad (car free cycle path) through the dunes.  It’s lovely and peaceful rolling through the grassy dunes and the surface is perfectly smooth. The fietspad from the north end is fairly flat, while the one from the south has some small hills.

Cycle path, fietspad, dunes, netherlands, noordwijk, holland, wheelchair travelNoordwijk Dunes, netherlands, wheelchair travel


Noordwijk Accessible Beaches & Mobility Scooter Rally

wheelchair travel, netherlands, holland, beach wheelchairs, beach wheelchair access

Noordwijk beach is over the dunes from the promenade.   The wheelchair access at the beach is great. There are wide concrete walkways down to the beach at various points.  Each beach station has a sign which shows facilities and access.  Some of them have beach wheelchairs. For info on availability and location of beach wheelchairs see this link

Wheelchair biking along the seafront in Noordwijk, what synchronicity that we stumbled upon a convoy of 150 flower garland festooned mobility scooters! Each one decorated with daffodils. They had a police escort and were just on their way for  some lunch on the beach after an incredible journey.


Noordwijk Mobility Scooter Rally, Wheelchair travel, Netherlands, Holland  Mobility Scooter Rally, Noordwijk, Netherlands, Wheelchair Travel Holland  Mobility Scooters on the Beach, Noordwijk, Netherlands, Holland, disabled travel  Mobility Scooter Convoy, Noordwijk, Holland, Netherlands, handicap travel

Accessible Hotel Noordwijkerhout

This hotel is a bit corporate for my taste (well it is a conference centre). I chose it because it is a great location for visiting Keukenhof, the flower fields and Noordwijk (but only if you have a car as it’s on the outskirts) plus I got a cheap deal on  There are lifts to all floors and I asked for a wheelchair accessible room.  The room was modern and spacious. In the bathroom there was an accessible sink, although the mirror above it was not wheelchair height. I thought the shower was too squeezed in between the bath and toilet and transferring might be tricky for some. It did have a shower seat and grab bars though.

wheelchair travel netherlands, noordwijk, noordwijkerhout, holland  Accessible Hotel, Noordwijkherhout, nh leeuwenhorst, netherlands, wheelchair travel


 More Netherlands Wheelchair Travel

Travelling by car (and ferry) to the Netherlands in April 2013 we visited the countryside north of Amsterdam around De Rijp, the windmill village at Zaanse Schans, the north sea beach resort of Noordwijk and the flower bulb area around Lisse including Keukenhof gardens.  For Netherlands wheelchair travel links & blogs visit this post >>> Wheelchair Travel Netherlands 


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Accessible Windmills – Zaanse Schans Wheelchair Access Netherlands

June 1, 2013 in Accessible Days Out, Adaptive Cycling, Netherlands, Wheelchair Walks

Zaanse Schans, Wheelchair travel, netherlands, holland, windmills, disabled access

Zaanse Schans Wheelchair Access

Zaanse Schans is a traditional style dutch tourist village north of Amsterdam set in beautiful scenery.   It’s wheelchair accessible and well worth a visit.

Plenty to see, including museums such as the antique clock museum, the Zaans Museum and Verkade Paviljoen (Dutch Cookie Museum ), a clog factory plus a Distillery and Tasting room, quaint little shops and 2 accessible restaurants: The Pancake restaurant and the Museum restaurant.

The surface in the village of Zaanse Schans is flat brick tiles. The path around the windmills is smooth tarmac.  There is a disabled toilet in the visitor centre and 2 disabled parking bays outside .  Two Wheelchairs are available at the visitor centre so these might be best booked in advance at busy times.

Windmill Wheelchair Walk

There is a smooth surfaced path alongside the windmills and a cycle path running parallel below.  If you are visiting a windmill take the top path. For a relaxing wheelchair walk take the one below as its wider and less busy.  The photos below don’t really capture it that well as the weather went a bit dull.

wheelchair walk at zaanse schans, netherlands, holland, disabled holidays  zaanse schans,  wheelchair walk, netherlands, holland wheelchair travel







Wheelchair Accessible Windmills

There are 2 wheelchair accessible windmills at Zaanse Schans: The Sawmill ‘Het Jonge Schaap’ (the Young Sheep) and ‘De Huisman’ (the House man).

We visited the sawmill and saw a fascinating 10 minute video showing how they reconstructed the windmill. Inside the actual windmill there is a lift for wheelchair users which takes you up inside to see the amazing workings and down to the basement to see a mini exhibition.   They have a small cafe and a few chickens in the yard.  The sawmill staff were friendly, helpful and very informative.

wheelchair access windmill, holland, netherlands, disabled travel  wheelchair access windmill, holland, netherlands, disabled travelwheelchair access windmill, holland, netherlands, disabled travel  wheelchair access windmill, holland, netherlands, disabled travel

More Netherlands Wheelchair Travel

Travelling by car (and ferry) to the Netherlands in April 2013 we visited the countryside north of Amsterdam around De Rijp, the windmill village at Zaanse Schans, the north sea beach resort of Noordwijk and the flower bulb area around Lisse including Keukenhof gardens.  For Netherlands wheelchair travel links & blogs visit this post >>> Wheelchair Travel Netherlands 


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Wheelchair Travel In De Rijp, Netherlands

May 11, 2013 in Adaptive Cycling, Netherlands, Wheelchair Walks

Accessible Hotel Netherlands – Hotel De Rijper Eilanden

Great Disabled Facilities & Fabulously Vintage

Accessible Hotel Netherlands, Holland, Wheelchair Access  Accessible Hotel Netherlands, Holland, Wheelchair AccessVintage Hotel, Wheelchair Access Hotel, Holland, Netherlands  Wheelchair Accessible hotel, vintage hotel, netherlands, hollandThis accessible hotel (despite being a modern building) is so full of character it is a gem. It’s impressive total of 155 accessible rooms, many of which have electric reclining beds and wheelchair accessible sinks.

Everywhere you look are vintage items, there is always something to be curious about in this establishment. This is no corporate bland hotel that’s for sure. Instead it is down to earth, friendly, helpful, full of personality and fun.  I would really recommend dining here too, fabulous delicious food and generous too.  This place is a breath of fresh air for anyone who loves vintage and quirkiness.  It’s also an extraordinary venue for anyone with disabilities and would be the perfect place for disabled peoples group meetings or holidays.  Access to De Rijp village is great, you can roll straight out of the Hotel onto the cycle path and a quiet road into the lovely village.


Charming Village Of De Rijp

Wheelchair access in De Rijp is good, it’s easy to get around, nice and flat apart from the odd small slope over a canal bridge. It’s a historical village and the surface in the centre is flat brick tiles, which are only very slightly bumpy.  De Rijp has lots of character, the traditional buildings are very interesting. I loved the blue/green facades, pointy roofs and canal side homes.

De Rijp, Netherlands, Wheelchair Access De Rijp, netherlands, wheelchair travel hollandDe Rijp, Historical village netherlands, wheelchair travel Wheelchair Access Holland, De rijp netherlands, dutch village canal

Wheelchair Walk Eilandspolder

The Eilandspolder is a hodge podge of grassy islands separated by a maze of ditches and canals.  It’s a wetland paradise for wildfowl. There is a car free walking path along the side of the Eilandspolder.  It is totally flat, smooth and surfaced for quite a distance and then it becomes compressed gravel which is also easy to manage.  We saw sheep and playful lambs, wild geese and heron. You can see the old windmills in the distance pumping the water out of the lowlands.

wheelchair walk, de rijp, eilandspolder, netherlands, holland  Wheelchair walk, de rijp, netherlands, holland, eilandspolderaccessible travel, De rijp, eilandspolder, netherlands, holland, disabled holiday  eilandspolder, de rijp, wheelchair walk, holland, netherlands countrysidehandicap travel holland, wheelchair bike, de rijp, eilandspolder, netherlands  baby lambs, eilandspolder, de rijp, holland, netherlands, disabled travel

Wheelchair Bike Riding On The Fietspad

The fietspad (dedicated car free cycle lane) is  perfect for wheelchair biking, active wheeling or going for a mobility scooter ride.  From De Rijp to Middenbeemster we enjoyed a safe & pleasant roll between these 2 historical villages. We got a local map from the hotel which showed clearly which cycle paths were on the road (fiets route) and which were in a separate dedicated cycle lane (fietspad) so we tried to stick to the fietspad where possible.  The fietspad is used by cyclists, mobility scooters and we even passed a pony drawn cart on there.   Stylish dutch bike spotting became the past time along the way.  At Middenbeemster we took a break at a cafe and noticed that they have a wheelchair lane on the pavement!

middenbeester wheelchair path, disabled travel, netherlands, holland, wheelchair bike  Middenbeemster, holland, netherlands, wheelchair travel, wheelchair bike


Scenic Drive/Ride Around De Rijp

windmill, eilandspolder, de rijp, holland, netherlands, disabled travel
cycle path, fietspad, windmills, de rijp, holland, wheelchair bike, netherlands







We took a wheelchair bike ride from De Rijp to Schermerhorn, Ursem, Oterleek, Stompetoren-Schermermolens, Grootschermer, Graft and De Rijp.  This route is good for windmill spotting although only part of it was on car free paths (fietspad).  It would make a nice scenic drive. We stopped at Schermermolens Windmills for a rest and some cake.  There is a small cafe and museum there, but its not wheelchair accessible.  If you have one, send an able bodied person to go in and get the snacks.

More Netherlands Wheelchair Travel

Travelling by car (and ferry) to the Netherlands in April 2013 we visited the countryside north of Amsterdam around De Rijp, the windmill village at Zaanse Schans, the north sea beach resort of Noordwijk and the flower bulb area around Lisse including Keukenhof gardens.  For Netherlands wheelchair travel links & blogs visit this post >>> Wheelchair Travel Netherlands 


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Wheelchair Access on the Cuckoo Trail – Winter Wheelchair Biking

January 28, 2013 in Accessible Days Out, Adaptive Cycling, UK, Uncategorized, Wheelchair Walks

Bare trees on the cuckoo trail, sussex, UK, wheelchair walkswinter on cuckoo trail, sussex, uk, wheelchair walks







In winter in the UK, sunshine and daylight is precious.  When the sky is clear, I like to get up and out at a decent hour to catch those magical rays.  At the end of November I wrapped up warm for a wheelchair bike ride on the Cuckoo Trail, in the lovely Sussex countryside.






We started at Hailsham, but next time will start at Hellingley to avoid some of the slopes. Also Hellingley is more out in the country than Hailsham. There are some slopes but a lot of long flat parts.  In some places the path was wet and muddy with sludgy leaves, but its all surfaced underneath, so the wheelchair won’t sink you just get muddy wheels.


Precious Winter Light.

Cuckoo trail, wheelchair walk, sussexCuckoo trail wheelchair walk sussex








We only did a section of the trail back in November, so I will update this info when we have explored it further.  Apparently there is a quite a steep bridge to cross at the Polegate end.  At Hailsham there is a car park right next to the trail.  Coming out of Hailsham the path cuts through some housing on quiet roads, but it is well signed how to get back on the trail. After that we continued towards Hellingley, there are some ups and downs but they are quite short, it’s fine if you have a strong helper. There is also a road to cross.  Around the Hellingley area the trail flattens out so we continued on enjoying the countryside.  We must have got halfway to Horam but had to turn back quite soon to get back in the fading daylight.

I can’t wait to come back to this trail when the daylight hours are longer.

More Info on the Cuckoo Trail

For general information on where to park and where you can access the Cuckoo Trail, take a look at this pdf : The Cuckoo Trail for walkers, cyclists and horseriders  I hope this guide will include accessibility information (eg where the hilly parts are and which bits are more suitable for wheelchair users) next time they update it.

For more accessible countryside trails in the UK see Where to Rent a Wheelchair Tandem

A Winter Wheelchair Staycation In Accessible Brighton And Hove

November 22, 2012 in Accessible Days Out, Adaptive Cycling, UK, Wheelchair Walks

Getting ready for winter in Brighton and Hove.  Here’s how I might be spending some of my time in the chillier months to come.

Winter Wheelchair Fun On The Seafront

Brighton Beach Wheelchairs

Wrapped up warm and going for a roll on Brighton beach. Winter has it’s advantages, I might even get the place to myself.  The beach accessible wheelchairs are available every day of the year, and are rarely booked out during the winter.  Call the Seafront Office on 01273 292716 to make a booking. They are free to use, all they require is a form of proof of I.D. and a £25 deposit.

Brighton BeachBeach Wheelchair Brighton and Hove

Easy Access On Brighton & Hove Promenade & Pier

Going for wheelchair walks along the promenade.  Eating chips and watching the seagulls from the Pier.  There are sloping walkways down to the promenade in Brighton (may be difficult to ascend without assistance). The access to the promenade is level at the Hove end. Numerous disabled parking bays and disabled toilets (RADAR key required) can be found all along the seafront. There is level access all along the Pier and 2 disabled toilets (RADAR key available at the cafe).  They also have Braille menus.

seagull on street lamp, brighton and hovebandstand brighton and hove






Brighton Wheelchair Bike

I will be gliding along the promenade (when it’s not raining or blowing a gale) on a Duet Wheelchair Tandem. To hire Brighton Wheelchair Bike email:  Bring a strong person to peddle you both along the miles of seafront cycle path between just before the Pier all the way to Hove Lagoon.  Booking essential.  For other opportunities to hire a Duet Wheelchair Tandem in the UK go to Where To Rent a Wheelchair Tandem In The UK

brighton wheelchair bike - Duet wheelchair tandem in brighton and hovebrighton wheelchair bike - duet wheelchair tandem, brighton & hove

Wrapped up warm and going for a roll along accessible Brighton & Hove seafront.

Accessible Brighton Wheel

wheelchair travel, brighton wheel, brighton and hovewheelchair travel, brighton wheel, brighton & hovebrighton wheel, brighton and hove wheelchair travel,I could take my wheels on the Brighton Wheel. It’s fully wheelchair accessible. Disabled adults tickets are £6.50 and disabled children tickets are £5.  Carer tickets £4.

More Accessible Winter Joy

Feeding The Squirrels At St Anne’s Well Gardens

I heart squirrels. This park is a wonderful wheelchair walk at any time of year. Surfaced paths (there are slopes as well as level parts-strong assistant needed for some bits), disabled toilet (RADAR key), the Garden Cafe, fabulous kids playground, a pristine bowling green, tennis courts, table tennis, sensory garden, fish pond, lots of birdlife, beautiful trees and friendly (just don’t let them mistake your finger for a peanut) squirrels. For more on parks in Brighton & Hove, go to park disabled access info.

Squirrel      Squirrel Feeding at St Annes Well Gardens, Hove, Sussex      Wheelchair access St Annes Well Gardens, Hove, Sussex

Access To Great Food In Brighton & Hove

Perhaps sitting by the fire at Stanmer House having hot chocolate or afternoon tea. Maybe lunch or dinner at one of Brighton & Hove’s accessible restaurants.  I’m going to try some gourmet vegetarian nosh at Food For Friends (mention you’re a wheelchair user when booking so they can be ready with the ramp).  I also love the tasty Italian food at Carluccios, the fabulous sea views at Alfresco and the Latin American menu at Las Iguanas. Try the links at the bottom of this post for the full list of wheelchair accessible places to eat out in Brighton and Hove.

Accessible Ice Rink At Royal Pavilion Gardens

Going for a trundle in the beautiful (and organic) Pavilion gardens or even a whizz around the ice rink!  The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink is fully accessible to wheelchair users.  Off-peak sessions (when the rink is quieter) are encouraged. You must be accompanied on the ice by a competent skater who may skate for free.

Royal Pavilion Ice Rink, Brighton and Hove       Royal Pavilion Ice Rink, Brighton and Hove

(photo credits: 1-Katariina Jarvinen, 2-Jim Holden)

Brighton & Hove Winter Culture

theatre royal, brighton and hoveThe Brighton Dome booking office has a fabulous push button door (makes life easy) and a lowered booking desk for wheelchair users. They have wheelchair access and disabled facilities in all the venues and “carer goes free tickets” are also available depending on availability.  The Theatre Royal has some wheelchair accessible seating and a disabled toilet in the foyer.  Depending on availability they also offer “carer goes free” tickets, so enquire when booking.  The Duke of York Cinema, Komedia and The Brighton Centre are also fully accessible. For more accessible venues in Brighton and Hove and detailed access info on the above, be sure to check out the Fed online (link below).

Accessible Brighton and Hove Accomodation & Info

Fancy a Brighton & Hove winter wheelchair mini break?  A fantastic access guide to Brighton & Hove can be found at the Fed online.  There’s also plenty of helpful accessibility info at the Tourist Office or on their Visit Brighton website.

Dordogne Wheelchair Travel Tips Anyone?

November 8, 2012 in Adaptive Cycling, France, Wheelchair Walks

The Dordogne is a beautiful region but from what I’ve seen so far it wouldn’t be the first place I’d recommend as a great wheelchair travel destination.  The greenways (voie verte car free paths) are lovely. The historic architecture is fascinating.  Our campsite was great. I just didn’t really find any riverside wheelchair access worth reporting and some of the information I received was misleading.  It’s a big region, so maybe I have missed out on some great accessible areas and attractions?  Dordogne wheelchair holiday tips are welcome. Please comment below if you can add anything to my findings.

Accessible Camping Near Sarlat

Nice campsite. Great pool. We were pitched very near the facilities which have a disabled toilet and shower.  The entrance to the pool is wheelchair accessible. It’s one of those where you have to get pushed through the shallow water to get in.  I wouldnt have been able to reach the lock on the gate to the pool either without assistance. There is also a cafe with internet access. While being out in the country, Camping Les Acacias is in a great location for trips to Sarlat and is near to the greenway (voie verte). You can drive to the nearby Vialard entrance and park right next to the car free path.



Wheelchair access, Sarlat, DordogneSarlat has some impressive old buildings. The main tourist bit is fairly flat but moderately bumpy. We are not talking full on cobbles, but the surface is quite bumpy in some places.  It’s a good place to visit if you love historic buildings and don’t mind a bit of wheelchair vibration.  Eventually I opted to stay in one place and people watch.


Wheelchair travel, Sarlat, DordogneSarlat, Dordogne, wheelchair access




Nice place to visit.  The drive up was quite steep, the village is perched on a hilltop. There is disabled parking and toilets near the main square.  Adjoining the square is a long balcony with lovely views of the valley and beyond.  This is the main attraction. There are tourist shops, ice creams etc and restaurants. We couldn’t stray too far from the square due to the steep slopes but it was definitely worth a visit for the fabulous views.

Domme, Dordogne, wheelchair access

Wheelchair Accessible Gardens?

Les Jardins Suspendus du Marqueyssac

I wanted to visit Marqueyssac but I was advised against it by the receptionist at the campsite. He said that the paths were too steep for the wheelchair and that I would have problems.  He said that Eyrignac would be better. Also the Eyrignac brochure had the “Tourisme at Handicap” label so I decided to take his advice.  I also just read a thread in a France forum about Marqueyssac having brand new disabled toilets halfway up the steepest hill imaginable, so maybe he was right.

 Jardins du Manoir d’Eyrignac

Jardins du Manoir d'Eyrignac Wheelchair access infoJardins du Manoir d'Eyrignac, Dordogne, Wheelchair access infoDisappointed. I chose to visit these gardens because they have the “Tourisme et Handicap” label, so I had expectations.  Have Tourisme et Handicap even been there? And if so, did they notice the GRAVEL !!??  My carer managed it but we did see an elderly man struggling to push his wife in a wheelchair.  It’s often much easier to push a wheelchair up a steep hill on a smooth surface than it is to push on the level through gravel.  There is also a couple of widely spaced steps to the gardens in the photos.  So why no ramp? Or why not move a bench to easily make a side entrance with access?  A lot of the gardens are not accessible even to the able bodied as mentioned in this comment I found on the net ”Eyrignac was too formal, lacked plants and a lot fenced off to public. They said there was wheelchair access but it was very limited and gravelly”  So why advertise it as wheelchair accessible when it’s not?  Okay rant over.

Wheelchair Walks & Wheelchair Bike Rides

Vialard to Aillac

The best thing about this area for me was the greenway (voie verte).  We accessed the greenway from Vialard and then rode to just past Aillac.  We didn’t carry on past there as there was a really steep bit.  So we turned back and then went down over the river on the bridge towards Grojelac.  The ride back to Vialard was up hill on the way home.

Voie Verte, Aillac,  Dordogne, wheelchair travelVoie Verte, Car free Bridge, Dordogne, wheelchair walk


Calviac to Peyrillac

The best day out we had in the Dordogne was on the greenway between Calviac and Peyrillac.  It was mainly flat and smooth and the access onto the path was good at Calviac.  A great day out in the countryside, gliding alongside the elusive river, past villages, cornfields, the old station of Carlux and at one point through an old tunnel which was lovely and cool inside in contrast to the heat of the baking hot sunny day outside.

Voie Verte, Dordogne, wheelchair travelVoie Verte, Dordogne, wheelchair walks







I really enjoyed our wheelchair bike rides on the voie verte.  These car free paths are a great resource for easy access wheelchair walks. We did find that a few of the access points are too steep for wheelchairs though.  A map with the wheelchair access points (like the one they have in Burgundy) would be very useful.  On the map below the green line is the greenway and the red line is the road.

voie verte map dordogne wheelchair walks on greenways



Local Community Protecting The Countryside

anti fracking banner dordogneOn the way back from one our wheelchair bike rides, we came across an anti fracking banner drop in one of the old villages. At first I was alarmed to be reminded of the threats to our agriculture, ecology and ground water from Hydraulic Fracturing. But later found that Fracking is still banned in France, it was just a politically engaged community staying vigilant.  I hope the people of the UK will be just as vigilant in protecting our countryside in the coming months. If you haven’t heard of Fracking yet, you can watch the documentary Gasland on Youtube, also Britain & Ireland Frack Free and are good resources for the UK.


Dordogne Wheelchair Travel Tips Welcome

We still had a great time in the Dordogne despite the access issues. The weather was great and we made the most of it.  If you know any accessible attractions worth recommending please share with us. Dordogne wheelchair holiday tips are very welcome.


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Accessible Travel Lake Bourget & Aix les Bains

October 31, 2012 in Adaptive Cycling, France, Wheelchair Walks

Lake Bourget France

Wheelchair travel in the French Alps is easier than you think. Lake Bourget didn’t disappoint my hopes of accessible outdoor fun in fabulous surroundings.

Wheelchair Walks & Cruises

Lakeside Promenade

Wheelchair travel esplanade du lac, Aix, Lake BourgetThe Esplanade du Lac in Aix les Bains is a romantic tree lined, lakeside promenade. From Petit Port to Grand Port there is a long stretch of smooth wide path. After Grand Port there is a small beach Plage Memars and Vagabond Gardens, some of which is good for wheelchair users.

Voie Verte

There is a new greenway (voie verte) cycle path that runs alongside the lake which is perfect for wheelchairs. It’s smooth and wide with glorious views. We rode from Aix les Bains to Les Mottets and back (on the new wheelchair bike) along this route. The path is near the road so it is a bit noisy sometimes, but the path is usually below the road (so noise is lessened) and does veer away into lovely lakeside park areas. Views of the lake make it very worthwhile.

wheelchair walk, voie verte, lake bourget, france


The greenway around Lake Bourget is perfect for wheelchair walks.


Site des Mottets, Lake Bourget, wheelchair walk

Site des Mottets

This is a large park that leads to a lakeside beach. Reedbeds, moorhens, ducks and wild rabbits give it a nice wildlife feel. The paths are easy access and compressed gravel suface. There are disabled toilets and barbeque areas. It is next to a small marina and a nature reserve. It also has a duck pond, skate park and kids playground.


Cruise on the lake

Wheelchair accessible boat rides are available to Savieres Canal, Lake Bourget and Rhone River. &

Mount Revard

Mount Revard wheelchair access rhone alpsMount Revard viewing platform, disabled travel rhone alps







Scenic alpine drive and panoramic views anyone?  Le Revard Bellevedere is good day out for wheelchair users. On the drive up we enjoyed the picturesque alpine vistas. Cows with bells jingling on the grassy slopes, layers of mist floating amongst pines, conifers and ski chalets looking cosy with their stacks of wood ready for the winter.  At the top is a large car park, restaurant, shop, disabled toilet and 3 wheelchair accessible viewing platforms. If you go on a clear day the views of Aix les Bains, Lake Bourget, Mont Blanc and the surrounding Alps are astonishing. The glass floor viewing platform definitely enhances the feeling of being on the edge!  The paths between the platforms are easy access compressed gravel.


wheelchair walk chanaz, Lake Bourget, Rhone AlpsChanaz, Lake Bourget, French Alps







From Aix les Bains we took a drive around Lake Bourget for a day out in the quaint canal side village of Chanaz.  There are disabled parking bays in the village.  On the other side of Canal de Savieres there is more parking and a lovely canal side path which is perfect for wheelchairs or wheelchair tandems. Here we soaked up the lovely view of the village with its turquoise/ jade canal while the fishermen sat on the banks waiting for a catch.

Veloroute Near Chanaz

velo route chanaz to les mures, rhone alpsvelo route chanaz to les mures, french alps







From Chanaz we rode the wheelchair bike on the veloroute to Les Mures and back, alongside the Rhone. It was peaceful and mostly car free.  Although the long flat bit was a bit monotonous, it was very scenic (and hilly) between L’Ecoincon and Les Mures.

Wheelchair Access In Aix les Bains

wheelchair access aix les bainsWheelchair users may need assistance in the town due to the slopes. The town gardens are smooth and accessible. In the pedestrian shopping area and around the roman arch, the surface is often stone tiles which are only slightly bumpy.  Fancy a dip in the public hot springs? Visit Thermes Nationaux d’Aix les Bains. Entrance to the thermal pool, hammam and sauna is wheelchair accessible and costs 19euros per person per day.  There is disabled parking in the underground car park and there is a lift to all floors.

Aix les Bains Accessible Accomodation

Although they didn’t have any printed accessibility info, the woman at the Tourist Office was helpful and encouraged me to email for any further info.

Camping Alp’Aix  is a lovely spot for trees and birds.  It’s fairly peaceful and is very near to the Esplanade. It has smooth paths and a basic disabled toilet.

Campings du Sierroz is a bigger campsite with disabled facilities and is also near the esplanade. They also have a wheelchair accessible static caravan for hire.



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Wheelchair Travel On The Greenways In Burgundy

October 31, 2012 in Adaptive Cycling, France, Wheelchair Walks

Burgundy’s Accessible Greenways

voie verte  Santenay to Nolay, burgundy  Santenay to Nolay Voie Verte vineyards  wheelchair bike, wheelchair tandem on voie verte burgundyvoie verte map








If you look on this tourist map of the Voies Vertes, you will see miles and miles of smooth surfaced, accessible and car free countryside paths in Burgundy.  They have even marked which access points are wheelchair accessible.  This is the main reason I wanted to visit this area. To get out in the countryside in my wheelchair or on the wheelchair bike and hear the birds twittering while watching the vineyards turn golden in the autumn sunlight.  We only managed a fraction of the Burgundy car free paths as there is so much to go at. We stuck mainly to the Santenay area and surrounds. There is so much more to explore on future wheelchair travel trips.

Wheelchair Walks and Wheelchair Tandem Biking

Santenay to Nolay

It’s a Gentle uphill slope nearly all the way to Nolay. We passed vineyards, charming villages, lush and abundant rolling hills and bucolic vistas. Towards the end there are 2 viaducts with wide views. We turned back towards Santenay after the first one and glided back downhill all the way back to camp.

Santenay to Nolay Voie Verte wheelchair travelSantenay to Nolay Voie Verte wheelchair access

 Chagny to near Chalon sur Saone

This is an old tow path alongside the canal. It has quiet locks, lockmaster houses decorated with flowers, barges and house boats.  Cruise boats passed us by and then even WE overtook them. Went past huge fields and tiny smallholdings, met cows, donkeys, chickens, sheep, geese and lots of cats. Nice and smooth, mostly flat apart from short slopes at the locks.

wheelchair walk, Chagny to Chalon Burgundy voie verteChagny to Chalon voie verte cycle path burgundy

 Santenay to St Leger sur Dheune

We saw lush emerald countryside, white cows, charming canal side gites, roller bladers and more canal cats. We learned the art of pique-nique (we brought tasy nibbles) and stopped at canal side benches for snacks. Gliding alongside the ducks and fish, we were easily overtaken by the Tour de Francers (men who dress up in serious cycle gear).  We rescued a tiny snake on the path. Another cyclist asked where to find a wheelchair bike for his handicap daughter. Luckily, the creaky pedal (that became a wobbly pedal when oiled) waited until the end of the trip before needing attention.

santenay to st leger voie verte burgundywheelchair travel, santenay to st leger, voie verte burgundy

 Burgundy Scenic Drives

Mountain of the 3 crosses, Santenay, Burgundy

Montagne des Trois Croix

I enjoyed the scenic drive up the Montagne des Trois Croix, but sadly the viewpoint at the top is a no go for wheelchair users. It’s only a 5 minute walk up, so I sent my carer up to enjoy the 360 degree views while I waited in the car park.

Route des Grands Crus

Driving from Santenay to Beaune through the vineyards on charming country lanes. This is the wine tasting route where you pass through rustic villages and a sea of grape vines as far as you can see.

Scenic drive, Route des Grands Crus, BurgundyBeaune

We drove into the centre and saw the hardcore cobbles and skinny pavements.  It looked like a wheelchair disaster zone, so we headed straight out again. Someone with more patience or enthusiasm might be able to chart a wheelchair travel route through this place, but it wasn’t gonna be me on that particular day!  Instead we enjoyed the sunset scenic drive back through the sea of grapes on the Route des Grands Crus.


Santenay Village

The village square in Santenay has good parking and access. Nearby there is a small Vival supermarket, but you might have to go up and down the curbs to enter, as the pavement is a bit skinny near the entrance. Further up the hill from the main square the pavements get thinner, but there are no cobbles. If you want to investigate further in your wheelchair you might need to go on the road.

You don’t need a watch in Santenay, just listen to the bells if you want to know the time.

Santenay wheelchair access BurgundySantenay wheelchair access travel Bugundy

 Accessible Accomodation

camping des sources, santenay, burgundyCamping des Sources has large pitches, most of them on flat ground. There are disabled facilities, you will need to get the key from reception. Set amongst the vineyards in a green and lush environment, it’s friendly, peaceful and has lovely trees. This campsite is in a great location as it’s not far from the village and very near to the Greenways (car free paths).

Santenay tourist office website is



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Mountain Wheelchair Travel in Chamonix Mont Blanc

October 13, 2012 in Adaptive Cycling, France, Wheelchair Walks

Wheelchair Travel Chamonix Mont Blanc

Chamonix is exciting, even for wheelchair users. Starting at the tourist office, there is a lowered desk at wheelchair height, which is always a good sign. They gave me a special info pack (also available online ) with their accessibility information. They also advised me on which cable cars were open and answered my questions.  Very friendly and helpful staff.

Wheelchair Accessible Cable Car Ride to Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix Mont Blanc

Warning: This is Europe’s highest cable car at an altitude of 3842m. I found it more difficult to breathe at this altitude. Physically fit, strong, healthy carer required (it wasn’t just me who was out of breath).  Ascend at your own risk.

Wheelchair Travel & Accessible Cable Car, Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, Mont BlancWheelchair Travel, Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix Mont Blanc







We went straight to the information desk outside of the station.  The woman who served us should get an award for being friendly, knowledgeable about the access and super helpful. She explained which areas were wheelchair accessible, then went to the front of the large queue and bought our tickets for us. Next, she left us at the front of the departure gate queue, while she got our tickets swiped for boarding. As a wheelchair user I got boarding priority to all the cable car journeys.

The first part is the cable car to Plan de Aiguille. There is no wheelchair access to the viewing area here, so we just changed here to the cable car up to Aiguille du Midi. At the top station I had a dizzy spell. I felt quite giggly, but very weak and thought I might drop dead from altitude sickness.  I survived by doing some deep breathing techniques and keeping still to conserve energy.  Most areas are wheelchair accessible.  There are disabled toilets, a museum and several viewing areas. We crossed the bridge and took the elevator to the top viewing platform. Here we found a 360 degree panoramic view of ice, snow and clouds nestled amongst rocky spires and peaks.  Luckily we were there on a clear day, the views are spectacular.

Show your blue badge or disabled ID card to get 50% off for you and your carer. (The 50% discount applies to the multipass too.) There are free disabled parking bays in front of the Aiguille du Midi station. Ask for the key to the disabled toilets at the info desk.

Accessible Train to the Glacier – Mer de Glace, Chamonix Mont Blanc

This station was quite busy. There’s no point queuing with the crowds to board the Montenvers Mer du Glace Train. If you are in a wheelchair let the staff know and they will bring you around a different way to board the train. It involves ramps and the ascent onto the train is quite steep. You definitely need a strong carer for this part. Two members of staff also helped with the transfer, so I had 3 people pushing and guiding my chair up the ramp.







After a pleasant mountain train journey, we arrived at an altitude of 1913 metres. More ramp action to get me off the train, then a mooch around, enjoying the glacial and mountain scenery.

There is a small crystal museum with some huge crystals. It’s a fairly steep downward slope from the station to get there, but not long.  There is also a sunny viewing deck that’s accessible. You can see the ice cave down below from here. The ice cave is not wheelchair accessible so I waited on the deck while my carer went down the hundreds of steps to check it out.

The path to the Glaciorium and the Grand Hotel Restaurant are okay if a bit bumpy. There is a short gravelly bit (a bit annoying) on the slope at the entrance to the Glaciorium. We watched a few short films there about glaciers.

Wheelchair Walks In Chamonix Mont Blanc

Around town - Chamonix beckons the wheelchair traveller with its relatively flat valley.  The smooth pedestrianized, café lined tourist centre is easy to navigate, but stray off the beaten track and the one area you will find it is not so generous is;  drop curbs.

By the river – Follow Promenade du Fori by l’Arve for a flat easy access walk.

In the forest – Go for a roll in Bois du Bouchet, where they have a lovely easy access forest walk.  It caters for different disabilities and has a cute little wooden chalet for a disabled toilet at the start of the trail. There is parking just off Route du Bouchet.






How To Spend A Rainy Day In Chamonix

There are 2 museums in the town which I didn’t have time to visit. Musee des Cristaux is apparently completely accessible.  Musee Alpin is an old building so it’s ground floor only for wheelchair users.

Accommodation and Camping in Chamonix Mont Blanc

Travelling on a budget we stayed at Camping Les Deux Glaciers. In late September it was quite nippy at night, which is not surprising being so close to Glacier des Bossons. There is a disabled toilet which was opened on request. No wheelchair access to the reception. The campsite is a bit hilly but there are flat pitches near the disabled toilet. The pitches are very pretty. Think rambling stream, flowers, wooden chalet huts and astonishing sunset views of peaks and glaciers from your tent. There is traffic noise though from the nearby motorway. It’s lessened by the sounds of the glacial stream (if you camp near it) and the road is not as busy at the weekend.

Check out the accessibility info online for more accommodation.

Wheelchair Travel Chamonix Mont Blanc, Glacier des Bossons at sunset, Camping Les Deux Glaciers,

Wheelchair Travel, Camping Les Deux Glaciers, Chamonix Mont Blanc





Velo Route in Chamonix

We did some wheelchair biking in Chamonix too. More info coming up in future posts.


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Wheelchair Tandem & Travel In Devon

August 9, 2012 in Accessible Days Out, Adaptive Cycling, UK, Uncategorized, Wheelchair Walks

Wheelchair Tandem on the Tarka Trail

Had a brilliant day on the Tarka Trail, we did 16 miles on a Duet Wheelchair Tandem!

Wheelchair Tandem, Tarka Trail, Devon, Boats

Wheelchair Tandem Ride on Tarka Trail, Instow







We hired the Duet wheelchair tandem from Bideford Cycle Hire for £17 for the day. They have private access onto the Tarka Trail, it’s an unsurfaced slope and a bit bumpy. I had my strong pedaller push my wheelchair up onto the trail and then bring up the Duet wheelchair tandem. After transferring he then took my wheelchair back down to the car. Parking is free if you hire a bike. Once on the trail its a nice, smooth tarmac surface and mostly flat. We passed the charming railway carriage cafe at Bideford. Then lovely views of the estuary as we were leaving town.

Wheelchair Travel, Tandem, Tarka Trail, Devon

Wheelchair Travel, duet, wheelchair tandem, Tarka Trail, Devon







There is a bit of traffic noise from Bideford to Instow but it’s still a very pleasant ride. At Instow there is a disabled toilet (RADAR key required) at the back of the car park.  It’s not very far from the trail but be careful crossing the road with the Duet as it is a bit more awkward to handle than a wheelchair on turns and curbs etc if you aren’t used to it.After Instow it’s peaceful with lots on nature, birds, sheep, cows, horses, fields, estuary and marshlands. At Fremington Quay there is a cafe and a flat path along the quay with a large lawn. After our picnic on the grass we headed back the way we came staying on the car free Tarka Trail.

Wheelchair Travel, Tarka Trail, Devon, Disabled Toilet

Wheelchair walk, Tarka Trail, Devon, woods







We arrived back at the bike hire with time to spare so we rode  a mile or so towards Torrington where it is more wooded with slight gradients. I’m so glad we did, as we met a very kind lady cyclist called Sheila, who very generously offered me her copy of “Wind In My Wheels”  by Josie Dew.  It has a chapter about her journey from Lands End to John O’ Groats on a wheelchair tandem!

Westward Ho – Wheelchair Walk, Pier House and Beach

Despite the moody weather I really enjoyed the wheelchair walk on this coastal path.  The rain had perfect timing. Just as we returned from the walk it poured down, so we went for lunch at the Pier House.  The food was good and the portions large. Good wheelchair access and a massive disabled toilet too.

 Wheelchair Walk, Westward Ho Coastal Path, Devon

Wheelchair Access, Pier House, Westward Ho! Devon

Westward Ho Coastal Path, Wheelchair Walk, devon

Westward Ho!, The Pier House, Wheelchair Access













Since the weather brightened up after lunch, we continued the walk in the opposite direction down to Westward Ho! beach. The path which passes the rockpools becomes the promenade and is fully surfaced, wide and flat with lovely bay views.  According to this pdf,  Accessible Trails in Devon, there is another easy access walk nearby at Northam Burrows, but we didn’t get around to that one.

Westward Ho Beach Path Wheelchair Walk1

Wheelchair Walk Westward Ho Devon Beach Path Promenade








Wistlandpound Wheelchair Walk

Wistlandpound has a peaceful nature wheelchair walk circling a lake which is sheltered by woods.  To access the blue badge car park you must get a gate code from reception. From the blue badge car park the path is quite smooth compressed earth and gravel. There were steeper gradients than I had expected so if you want to do the full loop a strong pusher is required. Assisted canoeing on the lake is one of many activities available here for disabled people, for more info see Calvert Exmoor Trust.

Wistlandpound, disabled travel, wheelchair walk, devon

wheelchair canoeing, wistlandpound, devon


Wheelchair Access at Rosemoor Gardens

There are plenty of disabled parking bays at Rosemoor Gardens, disabled toilets and a spacious cafe with room to move in between tables.  2 trampers are available (book in advance) The surfaces are smooth tarmac paths, flagstones, compressed earth and gravel, flat brick paths and in the woods compressed earth and bark.

Wheelchair Access at Rosemoor Gardens, RHS, Devon

Wheelchair Access at Rosemoor Gardens Devon

Rosemoor Gardens, Woodland walk, Devon

Wheelchair Access at Rosemoor Gardens - The Lake













Part of the gardens are on a slope so a strong helper may be required for some of it. The path down to the lake is on a gradient. The earth and bark path through the woods is quite smooth with gentle slopes. The gardens are split in two by the road. The main gardens in front of the visitor centre are stunning and fairly peaceful. To access the other side there is a path that goes under the road, on this side you get quite a bit of traffic noise from the road.   If you are a bit sound sensitive (as I am) you might prefer to stay on the visitor centre side.

Wheelchair Tandem at Haldon Forest Park

2 different rides on a wheelchair tandem duet in the same week can’t be bad.

Wheelchair Tandem, wheelchair bike, Haldon Forest Park

Wheelchair Tandem, wheelchair bike, adaptive cycling, Haldon Forest Park, Devon







We did the Discovery Trail at Haldon Forest Park which is 2.5km (1.5miles) of compressed earth, gravel and bark path (which is fairly flat and wide) through the forest with some gorgeous views of Devon countryside. There are some short slopes so you might need a strong pedaller but nothing too steep. It’s a little bit tricky with the duet at the 2 road crossings due to the narrow wooden barriers, but it does fit through. Be careful crossing the road especially if you are new to handling the duet. Back at the car park there is a disabled toilet that’s big enough for the duet to actually fit it, but only just.

For more places to hire a wheelchair tandem see Wheelchair Tandem-Accessible Cycle Hire Adventures in the UK


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Wheelchair Travel Around Interlaken, Switzerland

July 24, 2012 in Accessible Days Out, Switzerland, Wheelchair Walks

This is a wheelchair travel adventure we did before I started taking notes and really looking at access, so there is not as much detail as in other posts. I hope it can still give an idea of what’s possible in Switzerland.

There is no doubt that this is a beautiful area. The Bernese Alps and their turquoise blue lakes were more wheelchair accessible than I had expected. Switzerland is expensive though, but we did it in our usual budget style by camping, bringing some food with us from the uk and only buying the fresh produce we needed in the Swiss shops. With so many beautiful natural sights to see and ‘carer goes free’ on cable cars, we still had a fantastic and affordable trip.

Wheelchair Walk at Neuhaus

We stayed a few days at Neuhaus and from there did day trips by car to Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald.
At Neuhaus there is lakeside park on Lake Thunersee where you can get close to the water. We found a lovely nature wheelchair walk by the lake. At the end was an accessible footbridge spanning the river that joins the two lakes.

Wheelchair access to Lake Thunersee, Park at Neuhaus, Interlaken
Park at Neuhaus, Lake Thunersee
Wheelchair walk in nature, disabled access, Neuhaus, Interlaken, Swiss Alps
Wheelchair access nature walk, Neuhaus
Wheelchair walk in nature, disabled access, Neuhaus, Interlaken, Swiss Alps
Wheelchair access nature walk, Neuhaus, Interlaken
Sunset over the mountains on the way back
Wheelchair walk in nature at sunset, disabled travel, Neuhaus, Interlaken, Swiss Alps
Wheelchair access nature walk, Neuhaus, Interlaken
Lake Thunersee at sunset


Day Trip to Lauterbrunnen

We left the car in the main car park, it was on a slope and was a bit of a push to get out of the carpark onto level ground. As we were walking through the village we were passed by a parade of decorated cows, it was part of a cheese festival celebration. Not sure how the cows felt about it but they were wearing some pretty fancy headdresses. The wheelchair walk at Lauterbrunnen was beautiful, lush green grass and cute swiss farm houses. We walked past a small waterfall, the path continues up the valley, but we turned back after the waterfall.

Old Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg road 6km

Wheelchair walk in nature at Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken, Swiss Alps
Cheese festival parade at Lauterbrunnen
Disabled access, Wheelchair walk in nature at Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken, Swiss Alps
Wheelchair accessible walk at Lauterbrunnen

Wheelchair Travel To Car Free Murren

We camped at Stechelberg and went up to Murren for the day. We left the car at Stechelberg Cable Car station. I remember that the paths in Murren were surfaced and very smooth, although there are slopes. It is on levels and the main street is fairly long and flat, but if you want a longer walk you would need a strong pusher. Also I remember there being a short uphill slope as you come out of the station. Murren is car free and has fantastic mountain views, so even if you dont move around that much, it’s a beautiful place to hang out. If you forgot your picnic there are plenty of shops and the supermarket is quite reasonable.

Murren Village Tour Wheelchair Walk – 2km
Cable Car – carer goes free

Wheelchair access in car free Murren, Interlaken, Swiss Alps, disabled travel
Car free Murren – Swiss houses up in the
Wheelchair access in car free Murren, Interlaken, Swiss Alps, disabled travel
Up in the mountains at car free Murren
Wheelchair access in car free Murren, Interlaken, Swiss Alps, disabled travel
Wheelchair access in car free Murren = Smooth
Wheelchair travel in car free Murren, Interlaken, Swiss Alps, Mountain views
Mountain views from car free Murren

Accessible Camping In The Swiss Alps

We camped at Alpenblick, Seestrasse 130 at Neuhaus. There are disabled facilities in a new toilet block. Lovely campsite, level grounds although a bit of traffic noise as it is next to the road. Good location for Thunersee Lake and the wheelchair nature walk. It was16 euros per night plus tax (2adults+tent+car) with ACSI card.

At Stechelberg we stayed at Camping Rutti, a very peaceful campsite with only basic facilites. Snow capped mountain views from the tent though. And good location for the cable car station for trips to Murren. It was16 euros per night plus tax (2adults+tent+car) with ACSI card.

Wheelchair travel resource for Interlaken area on the following link
Interlaken-Tips for wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility

General tourist info

For another easy access walk with stunning views, check out our next stop in the Swiss Alps ……………..Weggis, Lake Lucerne…….blog post coming soon!

I hope you found this wheelchair travel information helpful. Please feel welcome to comment or add your own accessible travel tips. Thanks for reading and have a great trip :-)



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