Wheelchair Bike Hire in Europe

April 23, 2014 in Adaptive Cycling, France, Netherlands, UK

wheelchair bike, wheelchair tandem, duet, rollfietsWheelchair biking is a fun way to enjoy cycling if you are mobility impaired and don’t have the arm strength for a handbike.  Here are a few links I’ve come across for wheelchair bike hire in Europe.





An excellent pdf showing some of the adapted bike hire opportunities in Belgium www.accessinfo.be/fileadmin/bestanden/docs/Cycling.pdf


In France wheelchair bikes are known as Velo Adapte or Rollfiets.

Near the Swiss border Colibrius rent a range of adapted cycles at Brognard, Pays-de-Montbeliard www.colibrius.fr

La Rochelle, North of Bordeaux www.maisondesvelocipedes.fr/?page_id=15


De Hoge Veluwe National Park has wheelchair bikes available free of charge www.hogeveluwe.nl

Star Bikes Rental Amsterdam has a wheelchair bike available for 18 euros a day

Near to Zaanse Schans and De Rijp you can rent a wheelchair bike for 20 euros a day in Wormer at fietsverhuurwormer.nl 

www.rolstoelgebruiker.nl is a dutch website, this link has 4 bike rental companies who rent wheelchair bikes in the Netherlands.


In Barcelona they have the funky Batec which are worth checking out.  An electric bike that clips onto your wheelchair.


United Kingdom

Go to this blog post Where to Rent a Wheelchair Bike in the UK for a list of rentals, traffic free paths and links for throughout the UK.


Please add more Europe Wheelchair Bike info in the comments