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May 11, 2013 in Adaptive Cycling, Netherlands, Wheelchair Walks

Accessible Hotel Netherlands – Hotel De Rijper Eilanden

Great Disabled Facilities & Fabulously Vintage

Accessible Hotel Netherlands, Holland, Wheelchair Access  Accessible Hotel Netherlands, Holland, Wheelchair AccessVintage Hotel, Wheelchair Access Hotel, Holland, Netherlands  Wheelchair Accessible hotel, vintage hotel, netherlands, hollandThis accessible hotel (despite being a modern building) is so full of character it is a gem. It’s impressive total of 155 accessible rooms, many of which have electric reclining beds and wheelchair accessible sinks.

Everywhere you look are vintage items, there is always something to be curious about in this establishment. This is no corporate bland hotel that’s for sure. Instead it is down to earth, friendly, helpful, full of personality and fun.  I would really recommend dining here too, fabulous delicious food and generous too.  This place is a breath of fresh air for anyone who loves vintage and quirkiness.  It’s also an extraordinary venue for anyone with disabilities and would be the perfect place for disabled peoples group meetings or holidays.  Access to De Rijp village is great, you can roll straight out of the Hotel onto the cycle path and a quiet road into the lovely village.  www.derijpereilanden.nl/en


Charming Village Of De Rijp

Wheelchair access in De Rijp is good, it’s easy to get around, nice and flat apart from the odd small slope over a canal bridge. It’s a historical village and the surface in the centre is flat brick tiles, which are only very slightly bumpy.  De Rijp has lots of character, the traditional buildings are very interesting. I loved the blue/green facades, pointy roofs and canal side homes.

De Rijp, Netherlands, Wheelchair Access De Rijp, netherlands, wheelchair travel hollandDe Rijp, Historical village netherlands, wheelchair travel Wheelchair Access Holland, De rijp netherlands, dutch village canal

Wheelchair Walk Eilandspolder

The Eilandspolder is a hodge podge of grassy islands separated by a maze of ditches and canals.  It’s a wetland paradise for wildfowl. There is a car free walking path along the side of the Eilandspolder.  It is totally flat, smooth and surfaced for quite a distance and then it becomes compressed gravel which is also easy to manage.  We saw sheep and playful lambs, wild geese and heron. You can see the old windmills in the distance pumping the water out of the lowlands.

wheelchair walk, de rijp, eilandspolder, netherlands, holland  Wheelchair walk, de rijp, netherlands, holland, eilandspolderaccessible travel, De rijp, eilandspolder, netherlands, holland, disabled holiday  eilandspolder, de rijp, wheelchair walk, holland, netherlands countrysidehandicap travel holland, wheelchair bike, de rijp, eilandspolder, netherlands  baby lambs, eilandspolder, de rijp, holland, netherlands, disabled travel

Wheelchair Bike Riding On The Fietspad

The fietspad (dedicated car free cycle lane) is  perfect for wheelchair biking, active wheeling or going for a mobility scooter ride.  From De Rijp to Middenbeemster we enjoyed a safe & pleasant roll between these 2 historical villages. We got a local map from the hotel which showed clearly which cycle paths were on the road (fiets route) and which were in a separate dedicated cycle lane (fietspad) so we tried to stick to the fietspad where possible.  The fietspad is used by cyclists, mobility scooters and we even passed a pony drawn cart on there.   Stylish dutch bike spotting became the past time along the way.  At Middenbeemster we took a break at a cafe and noticed that they have a wheelchair lane on the pavement!

middenbeester wheelchair path, disabled travel, netherlands, holland, wheelchair bike  Middenbeemster, holland, netherlands, wheelchair travel, wheelchair bike


Scenic Drive/Ride Around De Rijp

windmill, eilandspolder, de rijp, holland, netherlands, disabled travel
cycle path, fietspad, windmills, de rijp, holland, wheelchair bike, netherlands







We took a wheelchair bike ride from De Rijp to Schermerhorn, Ursem, Oterleek, Stompetoren-Schermermolens, Grootschermer, Graft and De Rijp.  This route is good for windmill spotting although only part of it was on car free paths (fietspad).  It would make a nice scenic drive. We stopped at Schermermolens Windmills for a rest and some cake.  There is a small cafe and museum there, but its not wheelchair accessible.  If you have one, send an able bodied person to go in and get the snacks.

More Netherlands Wheelchair Travel

Travelling by car (and ferry) to the Netherlands in April 2013 we visited the countryside north of Amsterdam around De Rijp, the windmill village at Zaanse Schans, the north sea beach resort of Noordwijk and the flower bulb area around Lisse including Keukenhof gardens.  For Netherlands wheelchair travel links & blogs visit this post >>> Wheelchair Travel Netherlands 


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